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Финал: 7 ноября 2020
Суперфинал: 12 декабря 2020


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Press release of the International Fashion Assembly

The International Fashion Assembly is a project created to stimulate and support creative talent. "Fashion Assembly" offers a platform for a large-scale presentation of the most unexpected and sparkling ideas in the design of clothes, shoes, accessories, hats and textiles, for the premiere presentation of your talent to a wide audience. 
If you see your creativity in a constant search for new fashionable solutions, if your fantasy world requires its embodiment, then you certainly need to participate in the Fashion Assembly International Competition of Fashion Designers. We are waiting for experimentation, novelty and fearless originality. Take us into a world created by the imagination, risk breaking the boundaries of fashion, create something unique and modern that rejects the ordinary and dullness. If you have already entered the contests, this is a new chance. You must use it. If not yet, this is a great opportunity for a debut: overcome unnecessary fears and doubts and show your creativity to the world. It is worthy to make it famous, to convey it to thousands of people.

The competition program includes:

Red October (Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankment 6, building 1)
Dates: December 4-6, 2020
Gostiny Dvor (Moscow, Ilyinka street, 4)
Dates: 12 December 2020
The final will be held as part of the Knitted Fashion Week
Registration: up to October 23, 2020 inclusive

The program of the International Festival of Creative Fashion includes:
Concept, execution, materials - all at your discretion. Luxury and grotesque, the play of light and shadow, household items and materials in a new quality (plastic, metal, shining surfaces, etc.). Invent, show your potential - we want to see the unexpected and unusual, shocking and beautiful, something that we thought familiar in a completely new light.
Any topic: a world where there are no boundaries, giving you absolute freedom of creativity. You can be inspired by art, literature, everyday life, culture and nature in your home country or elsewhere. You are only limited by your imagination.
The works submitted for the competition will be judged by a highly professional jury. It will include renowned couturiers, authoritative editors-in-chief of fashion periodicals, fashion observers, directors of fashion houses, buyers.
In addition to the diplomas that all designers receive for participating in the project, the winners will receive special diplomas, they will contain a review or parting word from the jury member who highlighted this work. Thus, the document will acquire a special - personalized - value for each owner and will allow getting some preference for further promotion.
In addition to diplomas, there are special awards from jury members, buyers, media representatives, partners and sponsors.
The international Fashion Assembly is an innovative, bright, rich and inspired by the creative energy of young designers event, an exciting combination of the most unbridled creativity and experiment with its professional implementation.
We invite You to the international fashion contest "Fashion Assembly".

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Полуфинал: 4-6 декабря 2020
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Финал: 12 декабря 2020 
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