Полуфинал: 3-6 ноября 2020
Финал: 7 ноября 2020
Суперфинал: 12 декабря 2020


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Принять участие

Участие: очное и заочное


The competition program includes:

Red October (Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankment 6, building 1)
Dates: December 4-6, 2020
Gostiny Dvor (Moscow, Ilyinka street, 4)
Dates: 12 December 2020
The final will be held as part of the Knitted Fashion Week
Registration: up to October 23, 2020 inclusive

I. Professional categories of participants:

(each category is shown and evaluated separately)

1) "Junior" category: college/school/lyceum students
2) "Student" category: students of higher educational institutions, postgraduates and graduates (no more than 1 year)
3) "Professional" category: teachers, practicing designers, teaching staff and designers of enterprises
4) "Presentation of seasonal collections" category: designers who create seasonal clothing collections.


II. Competition program:

1) «Fashion Design Competition» Competition for young fashion designers
2) «Fashion Sketch Competition» Competition of sketches (clothes, shoes, accessories, headwear)
3) «Footwear Design Competition» Shoe design competition
4) «HeadWear Art Competition» Headwear and Accessories Design Competition
5) «Textile Art Competition» Textile Competition
6) «Tailoring Skills Competition» Competition of fashion designers
7) «Fashion Photography Competition» Fashion photography competition
8) «Презентация сезонных коллекций»
9) «Fashion Theater Competition» Fashion theater competition
III. Technical requirements

А) PRESENTATION ON THE PODIUM (collections of clothes, shoes, headwear, accessories):
1) Each competition collection must contain: 
а) category "Junior" (students of colleges / schools) - up to 5 sets / models, 
b) category "Student" (university students and graduates - up to 1 year) - up to 6 sets / models,
c) category "Professional" (practicing designers) - up to 7 sets / models,
d) category "Presentation of seasonal collections" - from 10 to 50 sets / models.
e) category "Competition of fashion theaters" - from 10 to 50 sets / models.
2) Recommended sizes of models: girls RU42-44, height 174-180 cm; boys RU48-50, height 184-190 cm.)
3) The number of competitive collections from one author or co-authors (up to 2 people) is not limited.
4) Presentation time on the podium:
а) for the "Professional","Student" and "Junior" categories - up to 2 minutes.
b) for the categories "Presentation of seasonal collections" - up to 15 minutes.
c) for the "Fashion theater Competition" categories - up to 4 minutes.
B) PRESENTATION AT THE EXPOSITION (sketches, textiles, quilts, accessories):
1) Competition works-sketches, textiles, quilts-can be submitted both in the form of originals and in electronic form (photocopies, the organizing Committee prints out photocopies and places them in the General exhibition).
2) Accessories and hats are presented in the exhibition and on the podium. For presentation in the exhibition, the organizing Committee provides exhibition equipment (glass showcase).
3) Each collection of sketches, textiles, quilts can be placed on 1-3 sheets or canvas / 1-3 files, a collection of accessories and hats can contain up to 5 items.
4) The originals of the works presented in the exposition must have a format no more than A1, decorated in a mat and / or have eyelets or other types of fastening on a vertical panel (loops, hooks), have an inventory (label) attached to the front side of each sketch, in the right lower corner, containing: a) surname, first name; b) city; c) nomination; d) title of the competition work, e) prof. participant status (junior, student, professional).
5) When submitting works in electronic form, each work must be saved as a separate file (formats .jpeg or .tiff; no more than 20 Mb each)

IV. Evaluation criteria:

1) Evaluation of competitive works is carried out on a 10-point system;
2) Collections on podium are judged according to the following criteria:
а) artistic expression;
b) workmanship.
3) The works in the exhibition are evaluated according to the following criteria:
а) novelty of idea, originality;
b) compositional solution;
c) level of graphics and / or color rendition,
V. Timetable:

Pre-registration (for full-time and part-time participants): until October 23, 2019. 
For pre-registration, the following materials should be provided: application form, labels (for works in the exhibition), a copy of payment, photo of the author, photo of works (for works presented in the exhibition). For more information, see "Как принять участие")
Materials for pre-registration are sent to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :
Offline participants provide projects for the exhibition (sketches, designs, etc.): October 31, 2019 (from 14.00 to 18.00). Model casting: November 2, 2019, 12.00 PM
During registration, you must provide: a receipt for payment of the entrance fee and labels (for sketches and textiles). 

November 2-4, 2019, the schedule is being updated.

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Полуфинал: 4-6 декабря 2020
(Красный Октябрь)
Финал: 12 декабря 2020 
(Гостиный Двор)

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